15 Most Haunted Places in Melbourne: Discover the City’s Ghostly Past

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Interested in learning about some of the most haunted places in Melbourne? Here are 15 spots with spooky pasts…

You may know Melbourne for its vibrant culture, beautiful architecture and excellent dining scene.

But what you may not know is that the city is also haunted.

Like many cities around the world, Melbourne has its fair share of ghostly tales and haunted places. From abandoned mental asylums to historic haunted hotels to notorious prisons, the city is filled with spooky sites that are sure to give you a chill.

As someone who loves exploring modern-day Melbourne, I’m also fascinated with learning about the city’s history, including its haunted past. And if you’re a fan of the supernatural, you’ll find many haunted places to explore and spine-tingling tales to hear.

Knowing these tales will give you a different perspective on the city – I certainly look at places differently now!

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1. Old Melbourne Gaol 

The inside of the haunted Old Melbourne Gaol shows five people walking along a metal gangway, each carrying lanterns.

The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the most famous haunted places in Melbourne. Opened in the mid-1800s, it was used as a prison until 1929. More than 130 people were hanged at the gaol, including the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly.

Given this dark history, it’s not surprising that it’s considered one of the city’s most haunted spots.

Today, the gaol operates as one of Melbourne’s best museums, and you can take a guided tour of the cells and learn about its history. Many people report feeling a sense of unease or seeing ghostly apparitions during their visit, and it’s become a popular spot for ghost hunters.

2. The Princess Theatre

The. Princess Theatre is one of the most haunted places in Melbourne - this image shows the Princess Theatre's golden logo at the top of the building, surrounded by modern skyscrapers in Melbourne

One of the oldest and most iconic theatres in Melbourne, the Princess Theatre was established in the mid-1800s and has a long history of performances. To this day it’s hosted some of the city’s biggest productions, including the recently departed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

But it’s also known for its ghostly inhabitants, including Frederick Federici, an actor who died on stage in 1888. As a trapdoor was closing during a performance of Faust, Federici suffered a heart attack. Some say his soul never left the theatre and continues to haunt it to this day.

Visitors have reported seeing him on stage or in the dressing rooms, and some performers have even claimed to feel a friendly presence guiding them during their performances.

For decades, the theatre even kept a seat free for our city’s most famous ghost, just in case he wanted to join the audience.

3. Queen Victoria Market

The inside of Queen Victoria Market, one of Melbourne's most haunted places. People are shopping for produce, many perhaps unaware of the market's history as a cemetery

Established in the late 19th century, the Queen Victoria Market is not just a bustling hub for fresh produce, but also a place echoing with whispers of the past.

The site holds historical significance as it was once the first official cemetery of Melbourne (under what’s now the car park), serving as the final resting place for many early settlers and Indigenous people.

Although the last burial was in 1917, records suggest that around 9,000 bodies are still buried here. This eerie fact alone is enough to warrant its place on our list.

Vendors and shoppers have reported experiencing unexplained phenomena, from strange noises to the feeling of being watched. Some have even shared stories of sightings, claimed to be the spirits of those buried beneath the market. The apparitions are often described as settlers from centuries ago, seemingly lost and wandering among the stalls.

4. Young & Jackson Hotel

The outside of Young and Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. There are crowds of people walking past the pub as they cross the street, and a tram driving by - many may not know this is one of Melbourne's haunted pubs

The Young & Jackson Hotel sits on one of the busiest corners in Melbourne – but few of the people passing by know the pub’s haunted past.

While the pub is most famous for its nude painting “Chloe”, there’s another woman you may not have heard of.

As the stories go, in the closing years of the 19th century, the area around the pub was the scene of several horrifying murders of women. Since then, numerous men have reported encountering a striking woman near the pub’s entrance. But look a little closer, and you’ll see that her neck has been slit.

Many are convinced that she is a ghostly manifestation of one of the unfortunate victims, possibly a prostitute.  

5. Hotel Windsor

The exterior of the Hotel Windsor, with taxis waiting and a cyclist passing. The hotel is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Melbourne, with reports of ghost sightings.

One of Melbourne’s most luxurious and iconic hotels, The Hotel Windsor harbours a few spooky secrets.

Built in 1883, the hotel has hosted many famous guests, including American writer Mark Twain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes. Today, it’s famous for its opulent high tea.

However, it’s also known for its ghostly inhabitants and is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Melbourne.

According to some stories, the spirit of a young teenage boy roams the hotel, possibly guarding the room of Dame Nellie Melba, who was a regular patron of Hotel Windsor.

But perhaps the most eerie of all is the sound of opera singing, heard by many guests and staff. Some believe it to be Nellie Melba’s ghost, reliving her – ahem – passionate moments within the walls of Hotel Windsor.

Ready to spook yourself? Book a stay at The Hotel Windsor. 

6. Hosier Lane

A group of people watch a tour guide leading an Old Melbourne Ghost Tour. They stand in a graffitied alleyway, thought to be a haunted place.

Stepping into Hosier Lane, you’re initially drawn to the riot of street art splashed across the walls and pavements. Checking out street art is, of course, one of the best things to do in Melbourne during the day.

But as night descends, the stories about the people who haunt this lane reveal the laneway’s more sinister side.

Hosier Lane earns its spot on this list of haunted places in Melbourne because of the spine-chilling stories attached to it – stories of an ominous presence that looms in the shadows, a spirit believed to be none other than Frederick Bailey Deeming.

Deeming, a notorious character in Melbourne’s history, is often whispered in the same breath as the infamous ‘Jack the Ripper’. This English-born criminal left a trail of ghastly crimes and murders strewn across his path. He was executed for his horrific crimes.

Visitors often recount feeling an eerie sensation of hands clasping around their necks in this alleyway, a grim reminder of Deeming’s violent past.

It’s one of the most popular places to visit on walking tours of Melbourne.

7. Pink Alley

Pink Alley, another top spot in Melbourne for street art, is also home to a chilling story.

In 1921, 12-year-old Alma Tirtschke was murdered in this alleyway. Her murderer was never found.

People walking through Pink Alley recount tales of eerie sensations and unexplained phenomena in the area. Some, especially women, claim to feel a gentle tug on their clothes, while others report hearing faint whispers.

I first learned about Alma when I visited this alleyway on this Old Melbourne Ghost Tour, and it was one of the most tragic tales told during the Melbourne ghost tour.

8. Black Rock House

Black Rock House, a stately mansion in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of Black Rock, is considered one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne.

It was built in 1856 by Charles Ebden, a prominent figure who served as the Victorian auditor-general. Known for its castle-like design and picturesque gardens, the mansion is a notable landmark, attracting both history enthusiasts and paranormal investigators alike.

Many visitors and staff claim to have seen apparitions, predominantly of a woman believed to be the housemaid from the Ebden era, wandering the halls and rooms.

There are also tales of erratic temperature changes, eerie echoes and mysterious footsteps when no one else is present.

Whether fact or fiction, these stories have earned Black Rock House a firm spot on our list of Melbourne’s most haunted places. You can check it out for yourself during the open house on the first Sunday of each month.

9. The Mitre Tavern

The exterior of The Mitre Tavern, one of several haunted pubs in Melbourne. The pub is an old-fashioned architecture, painted a beige colour with green trim and brown roof

One of the oldest pubs in Melbourne, the Mitre Tavern has a lot of character – and perhaps the occasional phantom visitor.

Built in 1868, the tavern has served as a gathering place for centuries. But beyond the clink of pint glasses, a ghostly inhabitant is said to make its presence known.

The tavern’s haunting reputation centres around the legend of an unidentified woman, whose spirit is rumoured to roam the upper floors of the pub.

Patrons and staff have reported unexplained phenomena – from the sound of phantom footsteps echoing in empty rooms to the eerie sensation of being watched when no one else is around.

Some even claim to have glimpsed a mysterious woman, only for her to vanish into thin air.

Whether these stories are born from the dark corners of the imagination or hold a grain of truth, they undoubtedly add an intriguing layer to the Mitre Tavern.

10. Como House

The exterior of Como House shows a large mansion painted cream and white, set back from lush green grass. Como House is one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne, with several ghostly stories.

Built in 1847, Como House is located in the leafy suburbs of South Yarra. This grand Italianate-style mansion holds centuries of history within its walls, along with a few ghostly tales.

Visitors to the historic mansion frequently report unexplained occurrences, from peculiar sounds to fleeting apparitions in period clothing.

The house’s chilling reputation escalates further during the evening hours when this Melbourne haunted house takes on a decidedly eerie atmosphere.

For those daring enough to explore its ghostly past, Como House regularly organises guided tours and events where you can learn the stories beneath its polished exterior.

11. Melbourne General Cemetery

It’s a cemetery, so it’s not surprising that a few souls wander the grounds.

Established in 1852, Melbourne General Cemetery is the eternal resting place for many of the city’s most notable figures. This is where Federici – the ghost from the Princess Theatre – is buried.

Yet its sprawling grounds, dotted with ageing tombstones and towering monuments, might be hosting more than just memories of the past.

Visitors to the cemetery often recount unsettling experiences. Some report unexplainable chills and others speak of whispering voices carried on the breeze that are too coherent to dismiss as the wind.

But the most spine-tingling tales come from those who claim to have seen apparitions. The most well-known of these sightings is said to be the ghost of a woman, clad in white, wandering aimlessly among the tombstones.

The cemetery used to run night-time tours – I wish they’d bring them back because I think that would be a way to creep yourself out!

12. Kew Asylum

The exterior of Kew Asylum shows a large cream building with a grey roof. It has a white fence. This is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Melbourne.

Opened in 1871, the Kew Asylum was supposed to provide a haven for the mentally ill. However, it soon became infamous for overcrowded conditions and questionable treatment practices, creating a melancholic backdrop that would fuel countless ghost stories to this day.

Despite its sombre past, the Kew Asylum has been converted into a stylish housing development.

But many of its new residents report hearing eerie sounds that defy explanation, such as disembodied whispers and phantom footsteps echoing through the halls.

The creepiest of accounts include residents waking up to inexplicable cold spots in their homes or even claiming to see ghostly apparitions in the dead of the night.

Not somewhere I’d be keen to live.

13. Larundel Mental Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum was opened in 1953 and was used as a psychiatric treatment facility until it closed in 1999.

The asylum is known for its dark history and the treatment of some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals, including violent serial killer Peter Dupas.

Following its closure, many who dared to visit the deteriorating Larundel buildings recount tales of chilling encounters and inexplicable phenomena – ghostly sightings, eerie noises and a pervading sense of unease. These first-person accounts fueled the asylum’s reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The buildings fell into disrepair after it was closed and have since been demolished.

14. Point Cook Homestead

The exterior of Point Cook Homestead shows an old-fashioned home with an old tractor in front of it. The sky is filled with clouds.

Situated on the edge of Port Phillip Bay, about an hour from the Melbourne CBD, the serene Point Cook Homestead gives little hint at first glance of its ghostly reputation.

Established in the 1880s by the Chirnside family, the homestead served as a pastoral station, but its tranquillity belies a history steeped in spine-chilling tales.

Visitors to Point Cook Homestead recount mysterious whispers in the dead of night, the soft rustle of unseen presences in the surrounding woods and the unnerving sensation of being watched.

While you can visit the homestead during the day to see the historic buildings, it’s at night that this haunted house in Melbourne turns into a hotspot for those intrigued by the paranormal. Book a Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour here.

15. Werribee Mansion

The impressive mansion and lush gardens of Werribee Park are a spectacular sight to behold during the day, but as the sun dips below the horizon, some spooky stuff begins to unfold.

The historic building has been the setting for numerous reports of unexplained occurrences, making it a must-visit on our list of Melbourne’s most haunted places.

The mansion, once inhabited by the prosperous Chirnside family in the 19th century, is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of Thomas Chirnside, who took his own life on the estate. He’s often sighted wandering the mansion’s grand halls, making this one of the most haunted houses in Melbourne.

There are regular paranormal investigations held here at Werribee Park if you’d like to do a little ghost-hunting yourself.

Map of Melbourne haunted places

Melbourne ghost tours

If this list of haunted places in Melbourne has intrigued you, then why not join a ghost tour in Melbourne? Whether you’re a sceptic or a true believer, they’re a fun and spooky way to explore the city’s haunted past.

Here are some of my ghostly night tour suggestions for something fun to do in Melbourne at night:

  • Hidden Bars & Creepy Tales Tour of Melbourne CBD: Learn about Melbourne’s haunted past as you sip on a few drinks at some of Melbourne’s most historic pubs – some of which are rumoured to be haunted.
  • Old Melbourne Ghost Tour: I’ve taken this tour through the dark alleys and hidden corners of Melbourne’s oldest and most haunted areas. You’ll hear stories of murder, mystery and mayhem as you explore the city’s ghostly past.
  • Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour: Pentridge Prison is another infamous Melbourne landmark. You’ll explore the cells and hear stories of the prisoners who once called them home and find out more about this haunted Melbourne prison.

These tours can be scary things to do in Melbourne. I’ve got a list of even more Melbourne ghost tours.

Wrap up: Most haunted places in Melbourne

So, there you have it. Melbourne isn’t just a city with an awesome dining scene and plenty of things to do. It’s got a fascinatingly eerie past, and this history adds a unique layer to the city. There are plenty of haunted places in Melbourne to learn more about the people who walked these streets many centuries ago.

Just remember, when visiting these haunted locations, respect the premises and adhere to any guidelines provided.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a history buff, a paranormal investigator or simply intrigued, exploring these sites offers a unique insight into Melbourne’s ghostly side.

Haunted places in Melbourne: FAQ

Are all these haunted places in Melbourne open to the public?

While most of these haunted locations offer public access and even guided tours, others may be privately owned or inaccessible. Always make sure to respect private property and only visit sites with permission.

What kind of paranormal activity has been reported in Melbourne’s haunted places?

Many people have reported seeing apparitions, hearing unexplained noises, and feeling sudden changes in temperature. Some of the most commonly reported paranormal activity includes doors opening and closing on their own, objects moving by themselves and strange smells.

Do I need to book a tour to visit these haunted places, or can I explore on my own?

While you can explore some of these places on your own, booking a ghost tour offers a unique experience. Expert guides will share chilling stories and historical facts that add depth to your visit. Plus, some locations are only accessible through organised tours.

Are these haunted places safe to visit at night? 

While many of these locations offer night-time tours for a spooky experience, it’s essential to exercise caution. Always visit with a group, stay in designated areas and respect any safety guidelines provided by the venue or tour guides.

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