9 Delicious Food Tours in Melbourne

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Looking for the best food tours in Melbourne? I’ve rounded up 9 of my favourite ways to taste the city.

Melbourne is known for its vibrant and diverse food scene, with influences from all over the world. And what better way to explore this city than via a delicious food tour?

There are plenty of food tours in Melbourne that cover our food culture as well as the history of the city. There are even tours that focus on specific foods like dumplings and donuts!

I love trying out Melbourne food tours, and even as a Melbourne local I’ve discovered new restaurants and facts about the city. So while these tours are mostly aimed at visitors to Melbourne, locals usually pick up a thing or two as well.

Here are 9 of my favourite Melbourne food tours that I recommend to anyone visiting (or already living in) Melbourne.

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My top 3 foodie tours Melbourne

Too hard to decide? Here are my top 3 Melbourne food tours.

1. Ultimate Foodie Tour at Queen Victoria Market

Rating: 5/5 | Tour length: 2 hours | Book it!

The Queen Victoria Market Ultimate Foodie Tour is the tour I always recommend visitors – and even locals – put on their Melbourne itinerary.

The iconic market, a staple of Melbourne since 1878, has always been a cherished spot for residents.

A guide takes you on a 2-hour exploratory stroll through the market, highlighting the stories and families behind different stores as well as the history of the market. (Including fun facts like that the market is built on a cemetery!)

A highlight of this tour for me is the generous array of samples provided, as well as the variety. When I took the tour we tried sizzling kangaroo meat, locally produced cheeses and olives, and the market’s famous jam donuts.

A word of advice: come with an empty stomach, as I found myself thoroughly stuffed by the end of the tour.

What others say:

Great tour! Such a great way to see the markets and get a taster for some of the different foods on offer. The truffle pasta was delicious, and smoked cheddar? YUM. The guides were amazing – you can tell they live and breathe the markets and the kind people who work there. Will definitely be recommending this tour to others.

– Jessica (read more reviews)


2. Melbourne Mystery Picnic

Two women (the author on the left and her friend) enjoying a picnic, toasting with wine glasses in a grassy park. They are seated on a colourful picnic blanket with various foods spread out in front of them. A Melbourne Mystery Picnic is a great activity to share with friends, family or your other half.

Tour length: 3-4 hours | Book it! 

Want to discover Melbourne’s food scene at your own pace? And without a bunch of strangers?

Then a Melbourne Mystery Picnic is for you.

Here’s how it unfolds: You’ll receive clues that lead you to various local vendors. At each stop, you’ll collect items for your picnic, including cheeses, deli meats, bread, desserts and maybe even some wine.

As you follow the clues to each store, you’ll discover alleyways and historic buildings, learning their stories along the way. During your picnic, there’s even a Melbourne-themed quiz to test your knowledge.

My friends and I clocked in about 10,000 steps as we navigated through the city, making the picnic a well-deserved treat!

It’s a great Melbourne activity to experience with friends, family or a significant other.

For more details, including what to bring along, like a picnic blanket and a phone, you can check out my complete review of the Mystery Picnic Melbourne.

What others say:

Amazing experience! full day of joy, fun, delicious food & beautiful places we never knew existed until we did this! Highly recommend! We are going to do this again.

– Hayley (read more reviews)


3. Melbourne Dumpling Walking Tour

Rating: 5/5 | Tour length: 3 hours | Book it! 

Love dumplings?

Well, in Melbourne you can take a tour entirely focused on them!

The Melbourne Dumpling Walking Tour is a great blend of history and food, centred in Melbourne’s historic Chinatown.

Melbourne’s Chinese community has been a part of the city’s fabric since the 1850s gold rush, which attracted people from all over the globe. Luckily for Melburnians, they also brought their amazing cuisines.

The tour includes four stops, each focused on a different style of dumpling and region of China. As we walked around, our guide Kim told us about the history of Melbourne and the Chinese community, and also shared with us the stories of the restaurant owners.

Starting at 6pm, this tour is the perfect evening activity, effectively taking care of your dinner plans. I was absolutely STUFFED by the end of the tour. The portions were very generous, with a whole plate of dumplings to share between 2-3 people at each stop.

What others say:

Uh, yes, a DUMPLING tour? What more info do you need? I’ve done a lot of food tours and this one was among the most unique. Very well-run, would do it again and would absolutely recommend.

– Paige (read more reviews)


4. Private Foodie’s Guide to Footscray Walking Tour

Rating: 4.4/5 | Tour length: 2.5 hours | Book it!

Footscray, in Melbourne’s inner west, probably isn’t a suburb most visitors would get to when they come to our city.

But for food lovers – and for people looking for something off-the-beaten-path – it’s a must-visit destination. This multicultural suburb is home to an array of mouth-watering cuisines from all over the world.

The Private Foodie’s Guide to Footscray Walking Tour is run by Intrepid Travel. A guide takes you on a journey through this vibrant and diverse neighbourhood, which is known for its Vietnamese and African communities. Over the decades, immigrants from all over the world have settled in Footscray, bringing with them their various cuisines and creating a veritable cultural melting pot.

The tours are generally small group – which is helpful when you’re navigating the busy corridors of the iconic Footscray Market.

Stops include tastes of jam donuts, banh mi, Ethiopian coffee and cannoli. All while getting an in-depth understanding of this underrated area.

Editor’s note: I was lucky enough to take this tour as a guest of Intrepid Travel, because I’m a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

What others say: 

This is such a fascinating area of Melbourne. We would never have know the history of the immigrants in this city without this adventure. We learned so much on this tour. Tristen did a terrific job and the food samples were so interesting, especially the coffee ceremony.

– Traveller from the United States (read more reviews) 


5. Melbourne Foodie Culture Tour

Rating: 5/5 | Tour length: 4 hours | Book it!

What I love about the Melbourne Foodie Culture Tour is that it combines Melbourne’s diverse cultural history and our rich culinary traditions.

Over four hours, this walking tour is an insightful exploration of Melbourne’s food scene, influenced by its multicultural inhabitants from over 200 countries who speak 260 languages and dialects.

The tour starts at the Immigration Museum, one of Melbourne’s best museums that’s dedicated to the history of immigration to Melbourne and its impact on the city.

As the tour progresses, you’ll wander through Melbourne’s famous laneways, visiting five unique vendors. At each stop, it’s not just about the tastings – you’ll also learn about the stories and histories that shape the flavours and dishes of these Melbourne restaurants and cafes.

Having personally joined a tour organised by Foodie Trails, I can assure you that you’ll be more than satisfied – I was absolutely stuffed when I finished their African Foodie Trails tour!

What others say:

Our guide was very knowledgeable, and gave an interesting history of the culture. She explained where much of the food came from, and then we walked about to various restaurants to sample their cuisine. This is definitely a tour I’d recommend.

– Daniel (read more reviews)


6. History and Donuts Walking tour

Rating: 5/5 | Tour length: 2.5 hours | Book it!

If you thought the dumplings walking tour was a good idea, wait until you hear about this History and Donuts Walking Tour!

Who doesn’t want to learn about the history of Melbourne accompanied by some sweet treats?

While strolling through the laneways of Melbourne, our guide recounted fascinating tales from the city’s more turbulent times. You’ll become familiar with areas once known as city slums, notorious for their raw and unrefined history, and the old red light district, a place brimming with stories of mystery and scandal.

While absorbing these historical narratives, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the city’s present delights – a variety of delightful, sugary donuts that reflect Melbourne’s diversity.

I actually had no idea Melbourne had so many donut shops!

What others say:

Friendly and knowledgeable guide. Well paced and interesting history recommended for those who can walk around for a couple of hours. The donut stops are well considered and sooo tasty.

– Paula (read more reviews)


7. Melbourne Lanes & Arcades Chocolate and Dessert Walking Tour

Rating: 5/5 | Tour length: 3 hours | Book it!

The Melbourne Lanes & Arcades Chocolate and Dessert Walking Tour is a must-do for anyone with a love of chocolate. As someone with a significant sweet tooth, I found this tour to be particularly appealing.

The tour begins with an introduction to the finer points of chocolate tasting – there’s actually a proper technique to it, something I hadn’t known before!

During the tour, you’ll hit a handful of stores and cafes known for chocolates and dessert. Along the way, you’ll get to know a bit about Melbourne’s laneways and arcades.

Even as a Melbourne local, you’re likely to stumble upon numerous shops and pieces of history that you’ve never encountered before.

Plus, there’s a few sweet bonuses: discounts at the various shops you visit and a very cute “Chocoholic survival kit”.

What others say:

My fiancé and I were looking for something different to do in Melbourne so we booked our spots on a chocoholics walking tour that started in The Block Arcade. We were one of three couples on the tour, all of whom were Aussies who hailed from outside Victoria. We got to sample a generous amount of sweets and chocolates on this tour, and bought plenty of chocolates, hot chocolate mixture and spices for ourselves. We got some great chocolate recommendations and would definitely revisit some of the shops we visited on this tour. It was also really insightful to learn about the history of Melbourne’s most iconic arcades, laneways and buildings. I’d highly recommend this tour for groups of friends and couples who love their chocolate.

– Jessica (read more reviews)


8. 3-Hour Foodie Discovery Walking Tour

A cheese display case filled with a wide variety of cheeses, each labeled with names and prices, inside Melbourne's iconic Queen Victoria Market. So many of the amazing cheeses on display at Queen Vic Market.

Rating: 4.8/5 | Tour length: 3 hours | Book it!

If you’re looking for a food tour in Melbourne that’s a bit more comprehensive and covers a variety of cuisines, then the 3-Hour Foodie Discovery Walking Tour is a great option.

This tour, led by Walk Melbourne Tours, a well-known Melbourne tour company, focuses on hidden venues off the tourist trail as you weave your way through the city’s most iconic arcades, laneways and buildings.

On the tour, you’ll sample coffee, dumplings, sweets and even enjoy a drink at a local bar.

Not only will you get to taste some of Melbourne’s most delicious treats, but you’ll also learn about the history of these iconic locations and how they have shaped the city’s food culture.

What sets this tour apart from others is the small group size of only 10 people. This allows for a more intimate and personalised experience, where you can easily interact with your friendly and knowledgeable guide. I like this aspect of the tour, because any larger and it becomes difficult to navigate through restaurants or hear the guide over the chatter.

What others say:

Monique’s tour was filled with amazing Australian history facts, wonderful food and how she linked the places we ate with Melbourne’s cultural history , while keeping it personal and seeing how Mum n dad businesses established themselves in Melbourne, was fantastic. Thoroughly recommend.

– Traveller from Germany (read more reviews)


9. Guided Night-Time Food Walking Tour

Rating: 4.6/5 | Tour length: 3 hours | Book it!

Most of the tours I’ve listed here are held during the day – but the Night-Time Food Walking Tour is a great way to fill an evening, have dinner sorted and learn about Melbourne’s food scene.

The tour starts at 7pm and takes you through the streets of Melbourne with a local guide who knows their stuff when it comes to food.

You’ll visit three different food venues, plus a drink at a bar to end the tour. The eating stops are focused on unique, hole-in-the-wall eateries.

Along the way, your guide will share interesting stories about each location and its significance to Melbourne’s culinary landscape.

This tour is a great way to see Melbourne at night – and discover some foodie spots that even Melbourne locals may not know about!

What others say:

When traveling by myself, I like to join walking tours to learn more about a city and gather advice from locals. Hugo was a terrific guide! He lead the tour to a wide variety of venues, and I had some fantastic dishes I’m unlikely to find anywhere else. The tour was definitely tailored to offering an experience that highlights what is unique about Melbourne, and that is exactly what I was seeking. There was also more than enough food for an evening, so you would not need to worry about having dinner before/after. In general I would highly recommend the tour and Hugo as a guide!

– Matthew (read more reviews) 


Final thoughts: Best Melbourne food tours

Taking a food tour in Melbourne is a great way to experience the city’s diverse culinary scene. Not only do these tours provide an opportunity to taste delicious and unique dishes from local restaurants, but they also offer a glimpse into Melbourne’s culture and history.

It’s one of my favourite ways to explore a new city – and I’m loving discovering Melbourne through these food tours, even as a local myself! 

Melbourne food tours: FAQs 

Why should I go on a food tour?

Taking a food tour in Melbourne allows you to try a variety of local dishes and get insider knowledge from experienced guides. You’ll also gain insight into the city’s culture, history and hidden gems that you may not have discovered on your own. And there’s food! What’s not to love?

Do I need to tip on a food tour in Melbourne?

No, tipping is not expected on walking food tours in Melbourne. Tipping isn’t part of Australian culture. The price of the tour includes all food and drinks, so there’s generally no need to leave a tip unless you feel that your guide went above and beyond with their service.

Can I join a food tour if I have dietary restrictions?

Most food tours in Melbourne can accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergies. Inform the tour company ahead of time so they can make arrangements for you. Every tour I’ve been on has happily adapted for dietary restrictions and preferences. 

What food is Melbourne famous for?

Melbourne is known for its diverse and multicultural food offerings, including Greek, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. You can find any cuisine here in this city – it’s what I love about Melbourne. Melbourne is also famous for its coffee culture, with a thriving cafe scene and an obsession with quality, specialty coffee.  

What else should I do when I visit Melbourne?

In addition to taking a food tour, there are plenty of other things to do in Melbourne. You can visit the famous laneways and street art, explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, check out our iconic Melbourne museums, go to a sporting event at one of the city’s many stadiums or continue your culinary adventure at one of the many Melbourne restaurants. There’s always something happening here!

Is it safe to drink tap water in Melbourne?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to drink tap water in Melbourne. In fact, drinking water from the tap is actively encouraged as it helps reduce plastic waste from bottled drinks. The water in Melbourne comes from protected catchment areas and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality.

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Have you ever taken a Melbourne food tour? What was your experience like?

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